Monday, April 24, 2017

Two of my companions Died this week......

2 of my companions died this week, and my only advice to the world is don't love anyone, because when you love people then they leave you and it rips out your heart and you are left sad and alone. Okay i am kidding.. but really. just don't do it.

Can you guys say pest ROUND 2? My new companion is Sister Morris, and she is the best thing to happen to me. She is from Washington DC, loves to bake, play sports, and she is the best little missionary.  She is in her fourth transfer, and we have already had way too much fun. We have another 10 week transfer coming our way and 10 weeks doesn't even feel like the longest thing I could ever imagine. It doesnt even feel that way no. We got another set of elders in our district. He is training and he is a greenie is as green as a beautiful american football field. 

We met with some really cool people this week. One of the members, Margit, is the best member missionary in the world. So the situation is that a member of our ward passed away this past week, and at the funeral, her niece came up to Margit and wanted to know what we believe in. Margit set up a lesson for us, and we went over this week and taught her all about the Plan of Salvation, and we are going to meet with her 3 times a week because she said if she believes this all and she wants to be.. wait for it... KERESZTELKEDNI'D. bapbapbaptized people. I just thought that this was the coolest example of how we never know how much people are watching us, how curious they are about us, and how much comfort this Gospel can give in hard times. It was really cool to tell these people that they can see their aunt again. I love this gospel so much, and the joy the knowledge of it brings. 

It was earth day so we took a picture with a tree

It was 420 so we took a picture with some weeds. 

have the best weeeeeeeeeeeek and i will talk to you all in precisely 7 day. 

isten áldjon
Swenson nővér 

These are missionaries from Lindsi's MTC group!!!

1.  So, what are your Pday plans today? 
we are hanging out with the elders and playing tons of games and wea re really excited!

2.  Tell me about your companion...where is she from?  What does she like to do? 
 morris is so cute. she is from washington DC, she loves to bake, she likes sports, she went to byu for a year and shes going to be a buisness woman haha she is the perfect little human and we are having so much fun!

3.  How often do you go on splits?
 once a week! and now we get to go to the beautiful city of PÉCS and i cannot even wait

4.  Any funny Neni stories this week? haha honestly not really, but just watching your casual néni travel down the street is a funny néni story enough haha 

5.  How often do members get to go to the temple?
 honestly like once every couple of years, its like al ot of money to travel over there, and they dont get to go a ton!  Do they have routine temple trips?
 yes the branches try to go once every year for everyone who can go! it has honestly made me SO grateful for temples, and for where i live. 

6.  So, I watched this little video about learning Hungarian, and how it is the absolute toughest language to learn how they add letters to the front and back of words to make it mean something crazy different.....I have mad respect for you!!! 
hahaha yes yes hungarian is a fun little adventure. 

7.  What are you doing for exercise?

8.  IF you had to rate your cooking skills from would you rate yourself?  (Like versus other 20 year old women...not against like professional cooks) 
i am a freaking chef. where does that fall on the scale?

9.  How often do you have to wash your hair? i would rather not disclose this information to the general public

10.  Did you know that your smile LIGHTS UP MY LIFE??????  Ah, Love you lindsi!!! 
i love you so much more! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kellemes húsvétet!!!

First of all, I know it's a little late, and after Easter, but everyone should go and watch this video about #theprinceofpeace. I have shown it to literally every person I talk to (that will let me into their house, and that have internet, and that will let me use their computer.... details) but it is amazing. I have the biggest testimony that Christ lives. He died for us so that we could live again. He is the source of peace in this stormy world. He is the source of answers. and He is the source of happiness in this life, or in this life to come.

Wow wow this week has been one of miracles. We were able to do so much amazing finding, Separate from drunk bácsis petting my head, we were able to find 3 new investigators, and each and every single one was such a miracle find. I do not believe in coincidences ladies and gentlemen. It amazes me everytime how when someone lets us into their house, and when we start to talk to them, that we are so easily able to answer all of their HUGE live questions. This gospel is so simple. I know that the spirit is always leading us, whispering in our ears exactly what to say to these people. Every time after someone lets us in, I just feel like it was not my words that were said to those people. DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL OF A FEELING THAT IS?

Easter in Hungary is hilarious. So,  they have this little tradition called "locsolni" and the Hungarian men go up to the girls and spray them with perfume, and then the girls give them chocolate eggs in return hahah its hilarious. Yes me Mason and I did get sprayed....yes it was by my favorite investigator Desző, and yes i will remember it for the rest of my life.

We went to dinner this week at a members house, she is the stake relief society president  and she lives in our ward..., and she is AMAZING. Her husband made us kiwi jam, and this bean soup, and these fantastic austrian pancake things that made tears come to my eyes they were so good. 

We got talking with her, and she really just inspired me. We were talking about how much our looks and appearances, just do not matter. like literally. We were watching these videos of people who have absolutely nothing, and are so happy, and sometimes I am mad because my clothes aren't cute enough? haha like what? It was just such a huge perspective change for me. Do you think it is going to matter for one second in Heaven what we look like? Do you think its going to matter for one second how cool we were here on earth? haha i will answer these for you guys, no. no it wont. One of the coolest thing here on a mission that I have experienced is trying to look at people through Christ's eyes. Every single door we knock on I sit on the outside and i just try to love whoever is going to come through that door, because guess what? Our Heavenly Father loves them. and our Savior, and older brother Jesus Christ died for them. 

This is kind of all over the place, but basically I just had this huge perspective change, and it has made me SO much happier. I think that is one of Satan's biggest tools. he EATS at us, and our personal self confidence so much. God would never send us those types of feelings. Our Heavenly Father loves every single one of us. Even the cranky nénis, even the people who laugh at us on the bus, yes those ones too. He love us. And, that is the best part about this gospel. ENDLESS LOVE PEOPLE.

i love you all. have the best week please! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just sit there and think about it, and you think 'well gosh dangit i am just way too blessed' cause same here

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just sit there and think about it, and you think 'well gosh dangit i am just way too blessed' cause same here