Monday, June 26, 2017

Pest. :)

Welllllllllll my pdays have been crazy for like the past three weeks, but tomorrow Sister Morris and I get to spend the whole day with the new missionary that is coming.  We get to take her streeting, and have dinner with her and the Szabadkais, so our pday got switched again to Monday. President told me that I will be leaving Pest, and the only problem with this is that he didn't tell me where i am going. so I mean, that hasn't even been the only thing on my mind for the past week. 

We were teaching a lesson this week at our branch house and we walked out of the room to a member of the Seventy, Elder Holmer, and the stake president. We then got permission to stay for a discussion that he was having with the youth ages 18-30. It ended up being about 10 people sitting in a room, receiving direction from one of the Lords called Prophets. I feel so blessed that I was able to be there, and like the whole discussion was everything i needed to hear. I wanted to share a quote that he shared. 

"Beware of tolerence- it is an unstable virtue. often demanded, seldom returned." 

I thought this was so powerful. I think that is such a pressing issue on all members of the church today. We really do live in kind of a crazy time. I know I havent been home, or on the internet for more than a year, but when i think about all the just junk out there, it really scares me. A big portion of the discussion was on anti-mormon material on the internet that a lot of people find doubt from being involved in that. This world is so quick to tell us what we should think. who we should be, how we should act, and how terribly wrong we are if we have any other opinion. which i am sure can get extremely confusing for many people. I just think it is so important that we know the pure sources we can turn to when we have these questions, when we have these thoughts. I feel nothing but peace, answers, and saftey when i turn to my scriptures, to conference talks, and to God with my concerns. Elder Homer shared an example of people that hike Mount Everest. If you are a big hiker you would be familiar with the phrase "the death zone". that is when hikers hit a certain point of altitude, where there is not enough oxygen in the air to support human life. He talked about when the hikers step into "the death zone" . Obviously they dont immediately die. It is after a certain amount of time that they cannot survive any longer. Basically the point of this example was that if you spend time in the death zone, you are going to die. And that simple truth is true all across the board. Turn to the scriptures. Turn to your leaders, turn to God. You will find peace, and you will find answers. 

I cant believe I am starting my last transfer this week. I literally only have 5 weeks in this amazing place, and people, and language that my heart has completely fallen in love with. I cannot wait to just leave it all out here, work hard until the very end, finish with absolutely not one regret. I feel blessed to be here. I feel blessed to be a missionary. Honestly, i am just so happy. 

sok szeretettel,
Swenson nővér

1.  Where is Morris going?
she will be staying in pest!

2.  How was your last Pday's boat ride?
nem sikerült:(
3.  How often do you talk to your MTC group?
whenever is see them at zone conferences or something! 

4.  Do you have a favorite restaurant in Pest?
Gringos :')
5.  Where did you go for your split last week?
We went to Kispest

6.  How is the souvenir shopping going?
I think i have almost everything, i am pretty proud to say so myself. nothing too huge but i love everything!!

7.  Do you know if there are a bunch of sisters coming to Hungary this summer?
this next transfer there is only one, the one after there is like 5 i think?

8.  How much time do you guys spend in personal study a day?
1 hour.i honestly cherish my personal study

9.  What are you studying now during your personal study?
i just finished the pearl of great price, and so much doctrine studyit was the most amazing thing ah

10.  Did you know that you kind of SPARKLE!!!  Love you!!!
haha i think i should say thank you to this love you mom haha 

Friday, June 23, 2017

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD. you are kinda the best. i kinda look up to you in every single way.

FIRST OF ALL I HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS. Desző was baptized ladies and gentlemen. It was the most perfect day in the whole entire world. I didn't have time to write about it last week, but I have just seriously never meet a more pure person in my whole entire life. His only desire is to follow Christ, and do what he is supposed to for the rest of his life. He bore his testimony after his baptism and talked about how he grew up as an orphan, and how he never received love from anyone in his life, but here, in this church, he has found that love. You could say that my heart shattered into a million pieces, cause that might be an accurate way to describe it. Ah I just want to take Dezső back home with me to America in my pocket so you can all just meet this human being. I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM LITERALLY. 

We got to take a ROAD TRIP to Pécs for splits, which I know means nothing to you people, but like think of the most beautiful place in the world, then forget about it because you are wrong if you haven't been to Pécs. 

We had a zone day this week because we performed a MIRACLE and had 5 baptisms in the budapest zone this transfer. The day was nothing but fantastic, and we got to play mafia and unfortunately I had to lead and explain the game, and like I am just not funny, so that was a rough point in everyones day. it's okay though. We got passed it. 

I had the privilege of sitting through 12 hours of meetings in the last 3 days. I love meetings yay. BUT our mission President is the most amazing human and every single time I am in a room with him I just feel so much love, and I have such a strong testimony that that man is called of God specifically to serve in the Hungary Budapest Mission. maybe I can bring him home in my pocket too so all of you can see this greatness in real life? 


Quick story:

Two days ago we went tracting and got into this building, and there was this door that said it was a business, and i was like, "no Sister Morris we definitely aren't knocking on that it is a business you goon" and she was like "no lets give it a shot"  and so obviously i said "no way Sister Morris you are wrong" and we went on to the next door.... K,  no actually we knocked on the business door and this guy named Gyula came out and we asked if he had heard about the Mormon church and he said he had heard nothing but good. (which number one is a miracle cause that just doesn't happen out here.) Anyway, he said that he was busy, but to come back tomorrow. which almost every single person says to us, BUT yesterday we got home after the longest day of our life, and we were ready to sit down for some nice language study. But, then I got that dang prompting to go back to Gyulas house. Anyway you all know where this is going, but we went back, by the grace of god, got let into the building again, walked straight up to his door, and he let us right on in. I just was shocked at how much the spirit led that lesson with Gyula. We were able to talk all about God, prayers, and faith to recieve answers. I think the number one disconnect with people not recieving answers to their prayers in any religion, is a lack of action that follows. They ask, and then they do NOTHING about it. Sincere heart, real intent, means that you are willing to act on any tiny answer you recieve, and to actually act. The lesson was amazing, and I felt so blessed that we followed those little promptings once again. He also might of asked me to marry him at the end of the lesson but listen that is not important.
Hey esto es español que ustedes me miran hey!

-Swenson nővér

1.   So, what are your pday plans today?
boat ride on the DUNA. WE ARE SO EXCITED

2.  Do you do anything on a regular basis for Family night?
honestly no sajnos

3.  What do you usually do in your ward on Sunday?  Do you go to Relief Society, Young Women's?
just the usual sacrament meeting, then the investigator sunday school class, then relief society. haha sometimes we get to go to young womens if they need a translator and its the best thing in the world.

4.  Is Pest or Buda bigger?

5.  How long do you get to exercise for?
usually around 30 minutes 
6. Do you ever have lessons with the Elders there too?
the only time that has happened to me is when it was a hand off lesson, like when we have to give one of our investigators over because they life in the elders area

7.  If you had to pick a food that was Hungary...Like America is hot dogs and apple pie...what would it. Be?
uhm, probably pörkölt, leves, and turó rudis

8.  What food are you looking forward to eating when you get home?
a home made meal of mash potatoes and gravy by my amazing mother

9.  How hot has it been lately?  Is it pretty humid?
it is hotter than literal hell. 

10.  Did you know I think about You ALL THE TIME?????  LOve you so much.
hi i think about you at least 46 times more. 

Friday, June 9, 2017


Where is time going? holy cow.  I dont have lots of time, but I will hit the highlights of the week real quick
- we went to Esztergom last pday, and i say slovakia with my own eyes. also everyone needs to stop what theyre doing right now, save up money to go to hungary, SPECIFICALLY to see esztergom. it was that pretty ladies and gentleman.
- no cats in the apartment this week. GOD BLESS AMERICA
- we got a car because we are spoiled and air conditioning exists if you guys didnt know that
- Desző is getting baptised on FrIdAy and i have never felt SUCH A JOY IN MY LIFE. he is so excited, so prepared, and so cute
- it poured rain and sister morris and i (are you proud of me for my correct grammar mom?) stood in it because thats what you do as a missioanry for fun
- we had interviews with president yesterday and i need you all to know that i dont know a better man on this earth. that man is amazing. also we celebrated by going to hummis bar which brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. :')

ALSOOOO i finished the new testament this week, and I just wanted to say how amazing that book is. It is such a blessing that we have VOLUMES of scriptures talking about Christ's life, and talking about his perfect examples, and his teachings. also the teachings of paul, and his apostles. there is such a spirit that comes from studying about Jesus Christ. It gave me such a motivation to continue on in being one of his disciples. I absolutely LOVE being a full time missionary. It is beyond insane to me that my time is running down so quickly (but then i feel like i have been here for my whole life so i guess that makes sense?) i feel seriously honored every day to wear christs name on my chest, and to bring anyone that will listen the message of complete joy that comes through jesus christ. I love my mission. I love Jesus Christ, my older brother. 


-swenson nővér

1.  Pday activity today?
GELERT HEGY. ah its going to be so pretty!

2.  When you go grocery shopping do you usually get everything for the week, or do you go and get stuff like daily?
we get everything for the week at one time!

3.  Did you say that you are learning how to do that Hungarian Embroidery?  I think about that all of the time when I look at the table runner that you sent me.  :) yes i am learning how to do it!! its not too hard but it takes years haha but i learned how to do it so i can defintiely teach you :)

4.  Have you ever used a sewing machine?  Did you like it? 
like in my life? haha yes probably, and i mean yah i liked it haha

5.  At your ward, are there more Hungarian speaking folks, or more English speaking folks?
its honestly a big half and half split!

6.  Does Hungary have a lot of immigrants?
uhmmm. honestly not a ton!

7.  What is your favorite part of going on splits?
getting to know the sisters, seriously and seeing beautiful places

8.  ARe you still running for your exercise?
yes i cant live without it haha 

9.  What was the holiday Hungary celebrated on Monday?
pentecost!!! some catholic thing!

Friday, June 2, 2017

This week started out only in the most perfect way!!

This week started out only in the most perfect way. After emaling we got to go over to our mission presidents home,  and we cooked with Sister Szabadkai, She taught us how to make my favorite hungarian food, hortobágyi palacsinták. we made dinner, and then our two coolest investigators, Krisztián and Dorina came over to have dinner with us and the Szabadkais, then they stayed and had family home evening with all of us.. It was such an amazing night, President Szabadkai is just such a great individual, and it was such a pleasure to bring our investigators over, and have a lesson with two people I look up to in my life. 

The next day we got to go over to my FAVORITE member's home, her name is Zsuzsi and she is practically American. She is the stake relief society president. She showed us how to make Lesco, and we talked a lot about my favorite talk from not last conference, but the one before that by J. Devyn Cornish, 'Am I good enough?' When president Kearon of the seventy was here, I asked him what his definition of "do your best" meant. because that phrase has always has bothered me. Like what the heck is your best? His answer struck such a chord in me. He said that doing your best means not becoming complacent, it was such a good lesson.

Yesterday we had this Womens Conference, and twi speakers from the world congress of families came to speak to us.  Sister Morris and I prepared the refreshments for after, and you could say that we should start a catering business.

So the worst situation that I could even dream of happened last night. So, we finally made it home last night, and as I was walking up the stairs there was a stupid cat sitting there, and so like obviously I hiss at it so that it knows it's place and then it ran away. We get into our apartment and I walk into my room and the literal spawn of satan was ON MY BED. The cat had run into our freaking apartment. We tore our room apart trying to get it to run out. I had a lightsaber in one hand, and an umbrella in the other, trying to lead it towards the door. but like heres the thing,  It kept jumping and trying to climb my wall and that thing was getting AIR. I had no clue that cats could do that and it was freaking me out. I did the bravest thing I have ever done, and I got a towel, and I literally went over and picked up the slothy creature. It was just as terrible as I had imagined. The animal melted like a stupid slinky in my hands. I am still recovering from this situation, so please be sensitive in your comments and your concerns. 


lindsi "the brave" swenson

1.  Pday activity today? ESZTERGOM!!!!!! president gave us permission to go to this bazilika that is on the border of slovakia and hungary, we are SO excited

2.  Have you done any family history work whilst yo are on your mission? that answer is a no haha 

3.  What does your companion want to be when she grow up?  Where is she going to go to school? she wants to be a buisness woman, and she is going to BYU hahaha yess
4.  Do yo remember how to drive? honestly, haha maybe? i hope so! haha 

5.  Do you text people a lot to make appointments etc? it depends on the investigator, but yes!

6.  Has anyone ever mentioned getting iPads for your mission?  Would that be a helpful thing to have to do the lessons, etc? i do not want ipads hahaha and i do not really think we are getting them anytime soon, but it could happen? 

7.  I asked last week about your craziest Door approach typed "A man..... and then nothing.  I have had so many people ask me about that....Do you know what you were going to say? oh shoot hahaha i do not remember excactly what i was going to say, but i guess we just get a lot of weird things with tracting. haha i would say my weirdest tracting door response was when a speedo bácsi who only had one finger, told me that the forbidden fruit on the tree of life was actually sex. that was fun. 

8.  Do hungarians generally like outdoor activities, i.e. Biking, camping, hiking?? yes! it definitely depends on where you are serving but for sure!
9.  Do Hungarians eat slowly at dinner? haha not really that i have noticed, no

10.  Did you know that you have the most beautiful Blue eyes EVER????  Love you so much. did you know that i MISS YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY?