Monday, July 24, 2017

If You could Hie to Kolob...

I dont have too much time, but I do have important information to share.
So remember how I found out from one of the people we meet with that Kolob is ACTUALLY in Debrecen, Hungary? Well ladies and gentleman. I hiked to Kolob. I need you to all go and read the
hymn about Kolob and I would just like you to all know that I agree. What most people don't actually know is that Kolob is a 5 story building. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.
I want you all to go and read this talk this week. it was something that really helped me. I was on splits and sister Hughes gave me this printed out talk and said how much it helped her, and then I looked on the front and realized, "Thats Elder Simmons! the  Man who teaches sunday school in my ward!". He really is such an incredible man.

1.  What are your pday plans today?
go out to eat, play games with the elders yay 

2.  When you knock on someone's door, what is the first thing you say to them?
hi we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ.... then kinda whatever i feel i need to say! i bring up how we believe we can live in happiness with eternal families, how we know that jesus christs original gospel is on the earth today, and then i usually ask them questions right off the bat, like if they believe in god, what brings them happiness, if they could ask god one question, what would it be?

3.  What percentage of your clothing that you took with you are you bringing home?
uhmmmmmmm definitely depends! a good portion, but definitely leaving a bunch

4.  What did you have for dinner last night?

5.  Do you know what your branch president does for a living?  Just curious what Hungarians do.  :)
i actually have no clue :/ i am sorry haha 

6.  If you were living in Hungary....would you live in the city or out in the country?
absolutely the country. budapest is really cool, but if you live in the countryside you can just visit budapest, and the countryside is to die foorrr

7.  Do you speak Hungarian with your companion when you are just talking?
we try to yes!

8.  Are you up to a rousing pickleball match with your mamma when you get home?  They actually built some new courts in Kaysville!!!
if youre ready to lose

9,. Have you figured out what meal you are going to make us all for your night of cooking when we are down at the beach?
yes! either paprikás csirke with nöl kedli, or lecso

10.  Did you know that there is not one way in the entire world that I could be one little itty bitty bit more proud of you and the beautiful woman you have and are becoming?
i love you so much 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sunflower fields

So listen. sometimes you want to get another set of pictures in a sunflower field, you know, because the last time you went,  the sunflowers were droopy and the sun wasn't in the right direction. And sometimes you decide to wear your jelly shoes sandles that you bought that your companion thinks are for 7 year old girls but you don't care because you think they are hip and you are an athlete. And sometimes you and your jelly shoes underestimate the fact that the path to the sunflower fields consist of stinging nettle, and scary bug noises. And then maybe you and your companion become trapped in the sunflower field with three options.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

For my fourth of July I became a legal citizen of Debrecen in Hungary

For my fourth of July I became a legal citizen of Debrecen in Hungary. if that isn't patriotic i don't know what is.

I did ask every hungarian I talked to what the date was, and when they said "the fourth of july" I would say, "wait a minute, isnt tha't AN AMERICAN holiday?" I was just curious you know?
We went on splits this week, and I finally got to be with Sister Hughes. I have served with half of her companions, and I know everything about her, so it was about time we got to go on a split or something. My goal for the split was to do absolutely every single thing that I didn't want to do. cause sometimes as a missionary you have these thoughts like 'ah I should talk to that person, but like look they are looking at their phone, they are OBVIOUSLY BUSY'
So, my goal was to every time I had one of those thoughts, I just had to do it. so it started out by me stopping this individual who was flying by on his bike. I thought, "who in their right mind would stop someone going that fast on a bike?" So I just stood right in front and said, heyyyy uh excuse me for a second... (spoiler alert this guy ended up already knowing who we were, scheduling with us for the next day, and he actually showed up and became a new investigator. he is SO COOL.) when that happened, Hughes and I just got SO EXCITED. and ended up having the craziest, boldest little split. Things that were done:
1. Stopped individual mid bike ride
2. Streeted terrifyingly handsome youth with headphones in at bus stop
3. Grumpy néni as she was about to get on the vilamos
4. A group of 15 people having a BBQ. 

5. finding out from said group of 15 people having a BBQ that it was a reformed catholic church mid single adult activity :')
Yesterday all of my dreams came true and we found a real, hungarian SUNFLOWER FIELD.  After tracting all day in the cutest Hungarian village that i wish i was a painter and had the skills necessary to paint you a picture. it was that adorable. i have only been searching for one of these guys since the moment I entered this country.
life is way too good.
time going way too fast
I am way too excited to see you all
Iam way too sad to leave.

with a lot of szeretettel
Swenson nővér

1.  Pday plays today?
HORTOBÁGY to get a whip cause i am in the east babyyyyy. so excited

2.  Where are the Elders in your district from?  How long have they been out?  Have you ever served with either of them?
gajdos is from utah. its his 5th transfer. Cushing is from Kansas/New york, 4th transfer i think?

3.  Do you have a 3 hour block at your branch for Sunday?
yes we do because debrecen is rad

4.  What is the number one sport in Hungary?
hmmm probably soccer?

5.  What did you have for breakfast this morning?
a yogurt parfair. coconut yogurt, pomogranite granola, apples, and bananas because i am classy

6.  Is your new companion a runner?
YES :') i told you i am in love with her

7.  Do you get any potential investigators from your branch members?
no because member work in hungary is rough man

8.  Do Hungarians have good dental work? (I am watching a dental commercial...)
NO. i am not joking you most of the nightmares i have had on my missoin consist of my teeth falling out because of all of the terrible teeth here. BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE

9.  IF you were a hungarian teenager, what would you do for fun Friday night?
sit by the nagy templom and smoke haha

10.  You write the best letters.  You are a gifted writer sweet Lindsi!!!
haha i feel like i just make 6 sassy comment and then bear my testimony, but thank you haha

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am on my dying transfer, in my dying city of DEBRECEN.

If someone was to sit me down right now, and tell me that I actually never had a family, or that I am actually never going home, I am not kidding you I think I would believe them?
But I couldn't be anything but happy being here. My new comp is Sister Solomon, and she is just a dream. We just clicked instantly the moment she made a sarcastic comment to one of the elders at transfers. Thats when I knew I would fall in love with her :') But really, we just walk around all day on the beautiful streets of Debrecen having way too much fun.
I need everyone to know that I am just genuinely the happiest I have ever been in my life. and that is 100 percent because I get to be here, as a missionary, doing the Lords work every single day. The time is just flying by, and I really don't want it to go. My poor heart is just in 2 different places right now, and I think it will be that way for the rest of my life. 

Debrecen is giving me so many memories of last summer in Szolnok, because we get to tract in all of these little villages, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. 

This week we met with one of the members here, who told us that he is, in fact, God. Which is crazy because I had no clue! He also translated the little picture in Abraham for us, and told us that next week he is going to show us where Kolob is in Debrecen. STAY POSTED.

Don't forget to be happy this week.
sok szeretettel,
Swenson nővér

1.  So, what are you doing on your first pday in your new area?
we are going on a debrecen tour, going up the nagy templom to see the streets, gonig to this delicious panini place, just kinda a chill day getting to know the city!

2.  Do you email your future roommates every week?

3.  How big is your new ward/branch?
its a branch and there are maybe like... 30?

4.  What did you do your last day in Pest?
visited a lot of investigators and members and said bye, then took one last duna walk

5.  Do you have another zone conference before you come home?
yes! one more around like august 4th?

6.  Do you miss your car?
haha so far not really, its kinda nice to walk throughout this beautiful city!

7.  What did you have for dinner last night?'
i made this zuccini, brown rice and quinoa, ground beef, téfől (kinda like sour cream?) and with this delicious seasoning. i am a chef. 

8.  Do Hungarians even know what American football is?
haha yes they do

9.  Do you have a funny companion first week together story??
haha honestly nothing that would be funny enough to everyone that is not me or sister solomon haha but trust me, we are having fun every second of every day i love this woman

10.  You just have to know how amazingly beautiful you are????The outside, obviously, and the inside...just wow beautiful.  Love you so much.
gosh i love you so much mom thank you!