Thursday, October 20, 2016



Holy cow so much has happened this week! First of all tomorrow is transfers. I got the call that I will be going to the beautiful city of Veszprém, and i will be with a new missionary in their second transfer. I cannot even wait seriously, I am so excited. I have heard nothing but good about it. Our district is full of a ton of great people, so I am  sure it is going to be way too much fun!

This last week we went on splits again with Withers (my mom) and Guillian. Me and withers got dogged three times in a row and played smurf with an angol óra class. Haha, ilyen az életünk itt magyaróraszagon. (thats basically life here in hungary) but thats okay because it was so good to see and serve with Withers again.

Also this week we had the opportunity to meet with a couple of new investigators. One of the investigators was a man and his wife from angol óra. We actually accidentally  tracted into his house, and set up a return appointment so that we could teach him about the restoration. It was a really cool experience because he is this adorable, 3 foot nothing bácsi who is super religious. He kept telling us how everything that we were telling him in the Book of Mormon, just supported the Bible. I so fully believe that. I know that the book of mormon and the bible support each other, and the Book of Mormon truly is, another testament of Jesus Christ. 

This week was Elder Hughes and Sister gGordons birthday, so we celebrated by carving pumpkings and taking pictures with them on our heads. (we try to be cool, it just doesn't really happen when you are  a missionary you know?)

I am SO sad about leaving the city of Szolnok, these people really really just have my heart. but thats okay cause im really excited to go to Veszprém and meet and teach, and find the people there. LOVE YOU ALL THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG. 

1.  So, is your new suitcase going to work for the rest of your mission????
uhm, i really hope!! i will let you know after tomorrow!!!

2.  Did you have any dinner with members last week?
we did not sajnos 

3.  Do Hungarians go to the "gym" at all?
hahaha uhm, i think so!

4.  Do they have Chinese food restaurants, Sushi restaurants there?
chinese yes, but they are SKETCH. haha like they literally microwave the food. so vigyáznunk kell onto that one. 
5.  How is your camera holding up?
hahaha my camera is kinda the worst, but its okay!!

6.  So, you can listen to church talk CD's....right??
yes persze!

7.  How is your knee doing?
really good!
8.  How is your ankle doing?
really good!
9.  Have you ever had a companion that snores?
not yet! 

10.  Did you know that your eyes sparkle?  ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!
i love youuuuu!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sündisznó. (hedgehog)

Sündisznó. that is what my week started out with. so you could say it was the best week of my life!!!

Monday we went to Budapest
Wednesday we went to Budapest (zone conference holler)
Friday we went to SZEGED. Our zone won this challege, so our reward was going to Szeged and basically just had a day of games and fun with our whole zone. I played ninja pusztítás (destruction) with my mission president so you could say best day ever. Szeged is unbelieveably pretty. Unreal. 

Saturday and Sunday were conference persze. I feel like I will always remember my first conference in cute little Szolnok Hungary. All 5 of us missionaries gathered around a little ipadish tablet thing to hear conference. Conference was really just incredible. A lot of it was really focused on prayer, and accepting and acting on God's will for us in our lives. Well obviously that is exactly what I needed to hear. I really do trust my Heavenly Father, and I know his plan for me is so much better for me than my plan for me (did that make sense? haha i dont English anymore) so WHY do i ever doubt him? why do I ever think my own will should be the path I should take? 

Even though I am only half way through my mission (what the weird right?) I cannot even begin to fathom my life without my mission. God knows me, oh so perfectly. and he loves me. I know that. I have felt that. I love him. and that is really why I am out here on a mission. BECAUSE of my csodálatos life. Because I have been given much, I too must give. I have the responsibility as a member of this church to share the gospel. I want every single person to know that they have a purpose here. Even the youths who laugh at us cause we are nuns, even the creepy bácsis who give us apples, even the wicked nénis who kick us out of buildings we are tracting. I have found the answer, Like Russel M. Nelson talked about, to eternal joy. and that is why I am still here, why I keep on keeping on, because this message has the power to absolutely change lives. The Atonement has the power to change lives, and how thankful am I for that. I am NOWHERE near perfect, or near the person I want to be, but with my Heavenly Father, and my older brother Jesus Christ, I can strive to be that person every day.

 I just feel really blessed, and really so much gratitude to my Heavenly Father for leading me to a mission, making me go through these difficult things, and helping me to grow, and become better, every step of the way. My mission has changed my life. this gospel has changed my life. Jesus Christ has saved my life, and that is really why I am here.  "i could never thank them enough"

Swenson Nővér

1.  What did you do on your Pday?
gordon nővér got super sick today, so we just worked on memory books. and hey guess what, nothin has changed. i HATE arts and crafts haha

2.  Did you get to watch all of the sessions of conference?
not yet!! we will watch sunday night next sunday! 

3.  When is your next zone meeting?
probably after next transfer!!! on the 17!

4.  How often do you wash your hair in Hungary?
haha idk like every 3 days.. is that gross? haha

5.  What time do you have to be back in your apartment?

6.  How far do you think you walk in one day?
im not sure honestly!! a lot!

7.  Are you feeling pretty good about your hungarian?  Which is harder, talking or reading Hungarian?
for me FOR SURE talking. i can read, and understand, and study hungarian so easily, but talking is really hard for me. but im at a point now where i can definitely get all of my points across, and speak for sure!

8.  How are your Pday clothes holding up?
i am going to have to be buying stuff!

9.  Do you ever play the piano at church?
not yet. HOLLER. 
10.  Did you know that you are BEAUTIFUL?  Really, truly, one hundred percent through and through beautiful!!!
i love you so much!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Dont think about life too much, just enjoy it"

"Dont think about life too much, just enjoy it" this is advice i just got from a hungarian we talked to on the train. Wow i am just reminded every single day how cool missions are.
This week was intense.  On Tuesday we had a fake emergency thing that we thought was real.  We had to pack all of our stuff up and leave our homes in 90 minutes. We all thought it was real, and I was pretty sure I was going to be going to a different mission haha it was sooo intense. We had to go straight to the branch house with all of our stuff and wait for a text from President, waiting to see if we were all going to be kicked out of Hungary, haha so what did our district decide to do? make a music video of course. BEST day!!
One day whilst tracting in szandeszőlős, a man tried to give me and my companions a diseased kitten. If that little experience doesn't sum up Hungary, idk what does.
So here is the thing you guys. missions are hard. It is not an easy thing to be away from your families for one and a half to two years haha not easy at all. I was having kind of a hard week this week (nobody worry haha I am so fine!) but I was talking to my companions, and just kind of  telling them what was going on, and they suggested that I get a blessing. ah. that is the most humbling thing ever. I do not like to ask for help, I do not like to feel like a burden to people, I do not like to show and or tell people that I have weaknesses. I haaaate it. but I knew that a blessing was the answer. The last couple of days I had been pouring out my heart to my Heavenly Father, asking for help and comfort, but I never gave him the opportunity to help and comfort me. I am so grateful to have received a blessing, and so incredibly humbled. Missions are hard you guys. missions are so hard. but I do not have to do ANY of this alone. Even when I feel so alone, when I feel like no one here gets me, when I am tempted to feel like I  am not good enough, I know that my Savior not only knows exactly how I feel, rather he is right beside me, extending his hand to pick me up. Instead of me trying to stand up all on my own, I can reach out and just take his outstretched hands. The whole time I have been writing this I have been thinking of Ether 12:27. We are given these weaknesses so we will be humble. so we will turn to our Father in Heaven. What a humbling, incredible thing to know how imperfect I am, and how perfect God is. 

SOK SOK SOK szeretettel,
Swenson Nővér 

1.  What did you crazy sisters do for your P-Day?
BUDAPEST!! we had a doctors appointment we had to go to, and so we are currently emailing in a little internet cafe in budapest 

2.  Do all three of you sleep in the same bedroom?

3.  Do you usually tract some every day?
yes we tract at least an hour every day!

4.  Do you all cook your own food, or do you cook as a group for your meals?
we kinda do a lot of both!! its really fun we make lots of hungarian food like tejfölös csirke and lots of yummy things like that

5.  What is the next Hungarian Holiday?
im... actually not sure hahah i suck

6.  How is the running going?  Does Brantley like to run?
they let me run every other day so life is good! yes she does!

7. Do you write in your journal every day?
.... yes, totalllllly.... haha yes actually mostly!
8.  What are you going to do to watch general conference?
branch house!

9.  How is the guitar playing going?
i. love. my. guitar. 

10.  Did you know how much your laugh adds to my life.  You are just a happy, person.  IT seems you make the choice to be happy every day.  Love that.