Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I don't even know how to start.....

How does one start the last email after the most precious adventure their heart could ever fathom? 

My heart has been so full this week, as I try to take in every little last beautiful moment I have been granted in this country that will be apart of me forever. I made a list of everything that could come to my head: The people who have changed my life, the challenges I have gone through, the triumphs I was able to witness with God's help, the lessons I have learned, the lessons I am still trying to learn, the changes I have made, the things that have changed me, and I simply am in awe of the miracles God is able to do.

 I am going to give just a tiny list of 18 things that I have learned in these 18 months, in no particular order, in no particular importance:
1. Trust in God's timing, and in his plan for you. 
2. Get over yourself
3. God's hand places people into our lives
4. Laugh at your mistakes
5. Everyone is different. Different perspectives aren't wrong. 
6. You bring your own weather to the picnic
7. Humility is a sign of strength
8. Never be anyone, but yourself. 
9. Don't be unrealistically positive- have a good attitude, but sometimes days are hard, and that's okay. 
10. Dont give up on anyone, people can change. I have watched it. 
11. Stick with your decisions
12. Ask people questions, and listen
13. Prayer works. 
14. Nothing in life should be expected. Always show gratitude for our blessings
15. I don't have to be perfect. 
16. Things that are worth it don't come easily.
17. Doing your best means not becoming complacent. 
18. I am beyond blessed. 

én tudom hogy ez az evangélium igaz. én hiszem az egész szívemmel hogy van egy tökéletes terv Istennek, mindenki szamara. Mondhatom hogy nem tudtam szolgálni a missziómat egyedül. Amikor végre engedtem az ő segítsége az életembe, tudtam tenni csodákat vele. Csak úgy. nincs más mód. végtelen hálás vagyok a szilárd bizonyságomért, amit szereztem a misszióm alatt. Tudom hogy jó megváltom él. Tudom hogy Jézus Krisztus ismer engem tökéletesen. Azt tudom, mert tapasztaltam. Szükségem volt a missziómra. tejesen változtatott az életemet. 

I loved my mission. I needed my mission. I needed my Savior. 


sok szeretettel,
Swenson nővér 

  •  OK...What does one do on the last Pday in Hungary? i am visiting a member, and finding a guitar case, and goign to the nagy erdő for the last time!
  • How sad is your companion going to be when you leave? ahhhhhhh we are going to miss each other so much
  • Do  you know what you do the last night you are in Budapest with the Mission President? yes! we have interviews, a really nice dinner that sister szabadkai cooks, and then we go to buda castle!
  • So, do you want to come home and have lunch after your flight, or do you want to go out to lunch with the family? I think i would rather go home, and have lunch at home with the fam! 
  • Have you talked with your future roomates?  Are they a little excited to see you? I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM AND OF COUSE I HAVE TALKED TO THEM
  • Who is the first person you are going to text or  call when you get home and get a phone? brooke and kate in a group message
  • What are 5 things you are going to miss about the Hungarian people? 1. their bad teeth 2. their hard exterior shell, but their soft, soft soft hearts when you get to them 3. nénis ruling the world 4. getting nénid for hours on end 5. their beautiful language i have fallen in love with 
  • Did you have a chance to bear your testimony at this Zone conference? yes i did. it was the most tender thing. 
  • Do you remember how to swim? we hope so hah
  • Do you know how truly loved you are?  And, wow, just how truly beautiful you are...inside and out? do you know how much i truly love you? thank you mom. i cant say thank you enough. 
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