Monday, June 26, 2017

Pest. :)

Welllllllllll my pdays have been crazy for like the past three weeks, but tomorrow Sister Morris and I get to spend the whole day with the new missionary that is coming.  We get to take her streeting, and have dinner with her and the Szabadkais, so our pday got switched again to Monday. President told me that I will be leaving Pest, and the only problem with this is that he didn't tell me where i am going. so I mean, that hasn't even been the only thing on my mind for the past week. 

We were teaching a lesson this week at our branch house and we walked out of the room to a member of the Seventy, Elder Holmer, and the stake president. We then got permission to stay for a discussion that he was having with the youth ages 18-30. It ended up being about 10 people sitting in a room, receiving direction from one of the Lords called Prophets. I feel so blessed that I was able to be there, and like the whole discussion was everything i needed to hear. I wanted to share a quote that he shared. 

"Beware of tolerence- it is an unstable virtue. often demanded, seldom returned." 

I thought this was so powerful. I think that is such a pressing issue on all members of the church today. We really do live in kind of a crazy time. I know I havent been home, or on the internet for more than a year, but when i think about all the just junk out there, it really scares me. A big portion of the discussion was on anti-mormon material on the internet that a lot of people find doubt from being involved in that. This world is so quick to tell us what we should think. who we should be, how we should act, and how terribly wrong we are if we have any other opinion. which i am sure can get extremely confusing for many people. I just think it is so important that we know the pure sources we can turn to when we have these questions, when we have these thoughts. I feel nothing but peace, answers, and saftey when i turn to my scriptures, to conference talks, and to God with my concerns. Elder Homer shared an example of people that hike Mount Everest. If you are a big hiker you would be familiar with the phrase "the death zone". that is when hikers hit a certain point of altitude, where there is not enough oxygen in the air to support human life. He talked about when the hikers step into "the death zone" . Obviously they dont immediately die. It is after a certain amount of time that they cannot survive any longer. Basically the point of this example was that if you spend time in the death zone, you are going to die. And that simple truth is true all across the board. Turn to the scriptures. Turn to your leaders, turn to God. You will find peace, and you will find answers. 

I cant believe I am starting my last transfer this week. I literally only have 5 weeks in this amazing place, and people, and language that my heart has completely fallen in love with. I cannot wait to just leave it all out here, work hard until the very end, finish with absolutely not one regret. I feel blessed to be here. I feel blessed to be a missionary. Honestly, i am just so happy. 

sok szeretettel,
Swenson nővér

1.  Where is Morris going?
she will be staying in pest!

2.  How was your last Pday's boat ride?
nem sikerült:(
3.  How often do you talk to your MTC group?
whenever is see them at zone conferences or something! 

4.  Do you have a favorite restaurant in Pest?
Gringos :')
5.  Where did you go for your split last week?
We went to Kispest

6.  How is the souvenir shopping going?
I think i have almost everything, i am pretty proud to say so myself. nothing too huge but i love everything!!

7.  Do you know if there are a bunch of sisters coming to Hungary this summer?
this next transfer there is only one, the one after there is like 5 i think?

8.  How much time do you guys spend in personal study a day?
1 hour.i honestly cherish my personal study

9.  What are you studying now during your personal study?
i just finished the pearl of great price, and so much doctrine studyit was the most amazing thing ah

10.  Did you know that you kind of SPARKLE!!!  Love you!!!
haha i think i should say thank you to this love you mom haha 

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