Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am on my dying transfer, in my dying city of DEBRECEN.

If someone was to sit me down right now, and tell me that I actually never had a family, or that I am actually never going home, I am not kidding you I think I would believe them?
But I couldn't be anything but happy being here. My new comp is Sister Solomon, and she is just a dream. We just clicked instantly the moment she made a sarcastic comment to one of the elders at transfers. Thats when I knew I would fall in love with her :') But really, we just walk around all day on the beautiful streets of Debrecen having way too much fun.
I need everyone to know that I am just genuinely the happiest I have ever been in my life. and that is 100 percent because I get to be here, as a missionary, doing the Lords work every single day. The time is just flying by, and I really don't want it to go. My poor heart is just in 2 different places right now, and I think it will be that way for the rest of my life. 

Debrecen is giving me so many memories of last summer in Szolnok, because we get to tract in all of these little villages, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. 

This week we met with one of the members here, who told us that he is, in fact, God. Which is crazy because I had no clue! He also translated the little picture in Abraham for us, and told us that next week he is going to show us where Kolob is in Debrecen. STAY POSTED.

Don't forget to be happy this week.
sok szeretettel,
Swenson nővér

1.  So, what are you doing on your first pday in your new area?
we are going on a debrecen tour, going up the nagy templom to see the streets, gonig to this delicious panini place, just kinda a chill day getting to know the city!

2.  Do you email your future roommates every week?

3.  How big is your new ward/branch?
its a branch and there are maybe like... 30?

4.  What did you do your last day in Pest?
visited a lot of investigators and members and said bye, then took one last duna walk

5.  Do you have another zone conference before you come home?
yes! one more around like august 4th?

6.  Do you miss your car?
haha so far not really, its kinda nice to walk throughout this beautiful city!

7.  What did you have for dinner last night?'
i made this zuccini, brown rice and quinoa, ground beef, téfől (kinda like sour cream?) and with this delicious seasoning. i am a chef. 

8.  Do Hungarians even know what American football is?
haha yes they do

9.  Do you have a funny companion first week together story??
haha honestly nothing that would be funny enough to everyone that is not me or sister solomon haha but trust me, we are having fun every second of every day i love this woman

10.  You just have to know how amazingly beautiful you are????The outside, obviously, and the inside...just wow beautiful.  Love you so much.
gosh i love you so much mom thank you!

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